I'm excited and proud to share that in January I was 71% #vegetarian (my meals did not include meat 71% of the time). My long-term goal is become 100% vegetarian for ethical, health, and environmental reasons. Last year I started eating #meatless 1 day per week, now I'm up to 2... and by doing so, I have learned many new recipes and now crave veggies instead of meat. So... if you want to be a vegetarian too, this might be one way to do it!


@cb That’s awesome! I’m a “bad” vegetarian in that I mostly eat junk food and don’t like veggies all that much, so if you’re craving some comfort food ideas let me know. 😉

@autumn thank you! I dunno, I think if you eat mostly or exclusively vegetables there's no "bad" about it, it's good for everybody and everything! Although if you don't really like veggies.. well.. 🙂
My favorite veggie recipes are ones based on food from India - there is such a rich vegetarian food culture there! Chana dal is a staple in my house, there are so many variations you can do!

@cb Ah yeah, Indian food is some of my favorite!

@autumn @cb I did the change too, now being 100% vegetarian (my goal being going vegan some day). There's youtube channels w/ recipes and all that (ask me if needed), it helps. But for me it's mostly looking for substitutes on your go-to meals, 'cause I'm a boring eater (can eat the same everyday). You stick to it rather quickly after that.

@autumn @cb There, in case you need some inspiration for #vegetarian and #vegan food that doesn't make you miss meat, here are some suggestions (510 suggestions, to be precise):

@autumn @cb I started collecting them 2 years ago, when I arrived in Tokyo.

Some American and European friends thought that I would have to give up on being vegetarian if I wanted to live in Japan, but they couldn't possibly be more mistaken. If anything, I'm having healthier and better tasting food now than when I lived in the US.

The hardest challenge was learning to read the labels, which is still a problem, but thanks to the Olympics there's more and more English everywhere...

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