Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

This poll is especially interesting to me because hotel rooms have TVs. I dislike having a TV in the same room where I sleep, but @kingcobraninja has talked about upgrading ours because he watches so much TV in there.

@autumn I did at one point have a TV in my room when I was younger and actually watched TV

@autumn with the present state of streaming tech the question of whether I have a "television" in my room is sort of philosophical

@LogicalDash Hah! For this poll, let鈥檚 say it鈥檚 a stationary device used primarily for watching movies and/or TV from any service.

1) My bedroom has a Murphy bed and is also a sitting area.
2) The sound of low voices helps my PTSD-self sleep; it's like other, wakeful people are nearby.

@autumn Well I don't want one as the radio waves and sounds can effect your sleep.

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