@autumn Some day I'd like to take care of an Australian Shepherd. They seem like the most clever and sweet dogs. Maybe the best breed in their size range.

@feld He is not well bred (probably puppy mill or backyard breeder, I rescued him a long time ago), and he鈥檚 got his issues, but he will do just about anything for me. Amazing camping and hiking companion for sure!

@autumn nothing wrong with that! A well bred doggo is a privilege that is disappearing. It's really sad. These dogs are an important part of how some of our regional cultures survived, just like certain horse breeds. It's a very symbiotic relationship; an important part of human history.

@feld True! I do wish people would think before breeding dogs. He has some health and behavioral problems that might have been avoided through good breeding.

@autumn all doggos need love and homes though, and many aren't lucky enough to be cared by someone who understand dog behavior and needs. You're a good human. 馃槉
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