i’m addicted to terribly wholesome shows, and i just finished the second season of “trying.”

now accepting new recommendations.

although the new season of ted lasso comes out soon, and i’m stoked about that. 😊

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@autumn My partner and I are the same wrt consuming media. Your thoughts on "Trying"? As childless-by-choice couple we weren't sure what to make of it by description.

@scully i am also childless by choice. still found it very cute, as most of the show focuses on the couple, their friends, and their family, not the kids. :)

@autumn Thanks. One last (awkward) question: Is adoption ever seriously discussed as an option for the couple in the storyline?

@autumn Oh. The title and descriptions I saw didn't make it obvious. The title kinda makes me cringe TBH.

Partner refuses to ever watch/read reviews or watch trailers, so I usually rely on other people for yeah/nay reviews :)

[I try to sneak peeks at trailers, etc and only answer if asked "Do you know what this is about?" ;) ]

@scully i definitely recommend it! the title ends up being less “trying to conceive” and more “trying to be an adult and navigate the world, oh and also adopting is difficult” within the first two episodes.

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