leather repair 

i contacted the folks who made my wallet, which i bought seven(!) years ago for a repair. they said they could repair, but offered to send me a new one.

i would so much rather get the stitching repaired and keep this one out of the landfill. i so rarely buy leather, but when i do, i go in with the plan of never having to buy a brand new one.

shout out to shophawksanddoves.com for making long-lasting products. :)

well, this sucks. i lost the wallet yesterday. thankfully i had pulled out my ID and a credit card to use on the plane/train. i did this because i didn’t want to worry about losing the wallet. 🤦

just got off the phone to cancel my debit card. credit card already canceled, and i think there was an HSA card in there, too?


HALLELUJAH! the airline contacted corey to let him know they found the wallet. all the credit cards are worthless, but i also had my insurance card and some local bar cards in there. i won’t have to get a whole new wallet!!!

got the wallet back in the mail today, everything still in it! now i can drop it off for repairs tomorrow. 😊

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