@autumn Thanks for sharing!

Have you bikepacked the New River Trail (Pulaski - Galax)? It's another one that's very amenable to an overnighter since it's 55 miles of actual (not Creeper!) rail grade from Xaloy Way to Galax. There's the state campground in Galax, of course, but also a tiny private campground right in Galax proper across from the school. It's about a 0.8 mile ride from a restaurant with decent pizza and beer. Proper country diner in town for breakfast, too.

@jond i have ridden that trail a few times, but only day trips. i’d love to camp there sometime in the future! my “bachelorette” party was in a big farmhouse in galax last fall. :)

@autumn NRT and the Greenbriar are probably my two favorite low-planning bikepacking runs around here. Greenbriar is good for a 3-day (or 2 and just don't go to the very end) and there's ice cream and sammidges in Fries! :D

@jond so pretty! i’ll definitely add it to my list.

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