i have a banana hook, and these bananas have been green for like two weeks now. hurry up and ripen, you dang fruits! 🍌

@autumn Two weeks? Those bananas aren't going to ripen.

@chrisod that timescale may be an exaggeration. i’m not very patient when it comes to food.

@autumn LOL. I prefer my bananas with a tint of green, so peak banana for me lasts about six hours.

@autumn Ever tried putting them with ethylene producing foods? Put them in a paper bag with some apples, kiwis, peaches or pears. All these fruits should produce the ripening hormone that bananas themselves also produce, thereby speeding up the process.

@Timo_Micro yeah, i may bag them for a day and see if that gets em going. the bananas themselves should be releasing enough on their own.

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