forecast for saturday is looking... interesting. 🌧️

there was not nearly this much rain in the forecast yesterday. *really* happy i ordered that extra dry bag on a whim.

i have such a hard time framing this way, but i really should not think of it as another “to do” on my list. it’s a “to don’t!”

gonna start sending this whenever somebody wants to argue with me.

also listed my gremlin bike because, as much as i love how it looks and all the work i put into it, i’m a little too small for it.

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february 14th is when i celebrate gambit’s birthday. she’s eleven(!) years old, and i’ve had her for all but 1.5 years of that. my professional couch potato. 🥰 🥔

i got an indoor garden for growing leafy green things, and they’re already germinating after 4-5 days!

bought a new (to me) bigger trailer yesterday! sleeps five and has so much more room.

2017 winnebago micro minnie 1700BH

new bike day! trek 520 grando. this one is gonna be my dedicated commuter now that i'm doing that 3-4 days a week. @mastobikes

on that note, i am selling the tandem i picked up a couple of years ago that never really fit me to begin with (too big). @mastobikes

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i built a teeter last weekend, and here’s a video of my little chi mix jean conquering it! she’s incredible.

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