Jean is gonna be pooped after lunch today. She’s spent all morning wide awake at the coworking office.

A tale of yesterday’s bike ride. Nothing is broken, but my knee stings and my hand is badly bruised. Be safe out there, @mastobikes!

Some blood and gore in the last photo.

Uninformed reading of the day: Eight of Cups is the drunk person at a party stealing somebody else’s wine. They’re trying to sneak off with it, but the sun (moon?) totally sees it happening. They’re not gonna say anything, but boy are they judging!

Garden sage grown from seeds last summer plus the new creeping rosemary. Happy with my tiny herb garden! Need to plant some more basil in another container. @plants

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She’s been like this for at least an hour. Took her in the trailer to the coffee shop and it tuckered her out!

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