DNA results came back for Jean. Mostly , , and . The latter was my original breed of choice!

I went on a following spree today, and I've refreshed my profile, so it seems like a good time to redo my / .

I'm an early 30s cis woman (she/they) in . I'm and a (). I run a small instance for of called . By day, I am a .

Here are some things I like: , , , , , , , ,

I enjoy posting dog pics.

Most of the people I know already know this, but I adopted a puppy recently. Say hello to Jean Grey! She’s a Chihuahua mix, about 4 months old, and 6.5 pounds. And yes, she has her own Instagram account: instagram.com/msjeangrey

There’s a dog barking outside, and Loki is _very concerned._

Loki is a real trooper. We tested out the new trailer today for a couple of miles, and he did great! He crouched down most of the time, but he poked his head out a few times to watch people/dogs.

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