There’s a dog barking outside, and Loki is _very concerned._

Loki is a real trooper. We tested out the new trailer today for a couple of miles, and he did great! He crouched down most of the time, but he poked his head out a few times to watch people/dogs.

Pro tip: make your first ride on a cross course on a muddy day riding a tandem.

(I’m in front!)

I made curry! These are the leftovers, of which I have two.

Well worn, but hopefully I’ll get a few more years outta these ol’ boys.

Sewing by hand is much more time-consuming than I remember. But hey, I sewed on my first patch after saying I was going to do it for almost a whole year!

Looks like it’s time to mend these. They’re the best-fitting jeans I’ve ever owned. πŸ‘–


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