cofferetchi got married and immediate popped out an egg (which immediately hatched) with her new partner. 🐣

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acchitchi came over for a visit. they did a lil tour of the house and everything. 🥹 🔥

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i caved and bought a pix party last night. it’s so shiny. this character is called puchitomatchi. 🍅

driving a friend to an IUD appointment this morning, so this was the only appropriate shirt to wear. (cw: it looks like a uterus made out of snakes and cacti.)

noice. i really feel like the e-bike has made cycling so much more accessible for me this year. granted, i also had an injury in late july of last year that prevented any cycling for six weeks. that was rough. @cycling

entered into an agility trial in a couple of weekends. looking forward to competing again!

at the outer banks for a few days. attempting a work from trailer setup, and so far so good. internet is a little slow here, but not too bad.

most of these icons don’t make sense, since this is all work stuff. why a car for “home”?

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sure some government is probably spying on whatever software furbo uses, but honestly i’m not even mad. look at these cuties!

so… we got the photos back from our commitment ceremony. here are a couple of my favorites!

love me a good knife! cw: sharp object. keep away from children. 🔪

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