noice. i really feel like the e-bike has made cycling so much more accessible for me this year. granted, i also had an injury in late july of last year that prevented any cycling for six weeks. that was rough. @cycling

helped a friend put together a wheel set. i *always* forget that cassettes and freewheels are two different things.

relevant sheldon brown:


first @trianglebikecamping cruise was a success! and afterward i went to the brewery and ran into an old friend. 😮

it's that time again!

i'm a mid-30s cis woman (she/they) in . i'm and a . i run a small instance for of called by day, i'm a developer.

here are some other things i like:

self-proclaimed emoji enthusiast. 🤩

new bike day! trek 520 grando. this one is gonna be my dedicated commuter now that i'm doing that 3-4 days a week. @mastobikes

there was exactly one new 51cm trek 520 in the usa, and i bought it yesterday. still has to be shipped from memphis, but i’m excited to add another bike to the collection. @mastobikes

it’s coffeeneuring season again! starts october 18th. it’s my absolute favorite way to get my butt in the saddle as the days get shorter and chillier.


my hand feels better enough that i rode my bike for 30 minutes! haven’t done that since i injured it. it’s hot as fuck outside. @mastobikes

A tale of yesterday’s bike ride. Nothing is broken, but my knee stings and my hand is badly bruised. Be safe out there, @mastobikes!

Some blood and gore in the last photo.

It's nice out (second day in a row)! Time for a bike ride. @bicycling

Me @ every other cyclist on the road: 👋🙂

The ride was good. Uneventful.


Bike ride was so nice today! Got a flat, but @corey helped me change it. Ate pizza! Jean rode in the trailer, too.

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