listening to somebody tell a contractor their contract isn’t getting renewed for the next project. 😬

@nolan i primarily use mine to read library books these days to avoid returning things late.

tfw an app updates and adds way too many options instead of doing just one thing really well.

lookin at you, squash. πŸ˜’

npm posting 

@darius the one i always typo is gi tpush

at least ten times a day.

@Skeletor @monkeyborg i know nothing about skeletor except he’s great in that four non-blondes cover. that said, does he ever take his clothes off? maybe it’s only his head that lacks flesh!

my allergies are so bad i got tested for covid. test came back negative, which is good, but i haven’t experienced allergies since i was maybe 10 or 11 years old. 🀧

@densetsu fenders will help keep your feet (a little bit) dry. i bring a change of clothes in a waterproof pannier.

@nolan β€œWhy am I LARPing as a character in a spy novel when I could be focusing on any one of a million other hobbies in the world?”


Remember the modem dial-up sound?

Here it is visualized.

@alan i enjoy seeing updates from people! i don’t need to see fifty updates a day from every person i follow. πŸ˜‚

i stopped looking at instagram stories a few weeks ago and i’m a lot less stressed out these days.


@t54r4n1 get real chaotic and throw in some inline styles.

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