@CampCounselor i ended up paying the extra cost for my instance, since it wasn’t too much. hometown does look like fun though…

@mxclick it’s… a lot different from what i remember, but i was there back in like 2007-09. it really depends on who you want to follow, but it’s great for casual scrolling through lots of pretty ✨ aesthetic ✨ pictures.

playing around on tumblr again, and it makes me wish mastodon had a queue. love a slow trickle of things rather than my sporadic posting.

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@CptBichez @fedibikes @mastobikes it takes popular routes into account, it’s easy to navigate (hurr hurr), and then it’s easy to export to GPX after the fact and share with others.

@fedibikes @mastobikes @CptBichez strava. i hate that they paywalled it, but i haven’t found anything i like more.

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me after making exactly one not-even-that-great candle: i think i want to start selling candles. 🕯️

@mxclick a coworker of mine bought $2k+ headphones and i’m so glad my ears can’t hear the difference.

ooblets spoilers 

@Rheall i’m on the arcade portion and i hate it. 😭 i’m so bad at the mini games!

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