known protests in raleigh, NC this weekend:

6/24 - 5:30 PM: Bicentennial Plaza, 1 Edenton St.

6/25 - 12:00 PM: Fayetteville St, the whole street

@t54r4n1 i know the person who did the music video for that song! the music video is pretty dark but also great.

@awildthorp i really like sir walter raleigh! it’s downtown and they have a good chill vibe.

@gold_pen_leaps funny you say that… my partner does that song really well and has an uncanny resemblance to freddie…

what’s your favorite karaoke song? either to hear or sing?

@lawremipsum it makes me think of trains and farts. two of my favorite things. 🤩

also no app required, but they do have one available for both ios and android. and you can even email your photos to a secret address to upload them to the album!

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found the perfect group photo sharing site for our party this weekend. $45/year for unlimited albums and uploads. no sign up required for other folks to add photos to our album.

love these old(er) web apps that solve one problem really well.

@philthepill i just picked some up from jubala on hillsborough street. ☕️

@jond so pretty! i’ll definitely add it to my list.

happy birthday to the sun! ☀️

isn’t that what the solstice is about?

@jond i have ridden that trail a few times, but only day trips. i’d love to camp there sometime in the future! my “bachelorette” party was in a big farmhouse in galax last fall. :)

@scully @edebill seconding sleep focus mode. or you can turn on theater mode.

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