@n0btc I would say itโ€™s often used to indicate something being very cute/cuddly. Emojipedia has a really good article about its use: emojipedia.org/pleading-face/

@n0btc It is a pleading face! Big olโ€™ puppy eyes! Essentially: please pet the puppy.

Sometimes the mere process of writing out a cw is enough to make me go "huh. Maybe this joke doesn't need telling."

I decided on two themes for 2021, and so far theyโ€™re going great.

1. Puppy (got her, sheโ€™s awesome)
2. Moderate drinking (havenโ€™t had more than 10/week; used to drink 20+/week)

I think thatโ€™s the first time Iโ€™ve ever done wheel pose! Didnโ€™t really plan it, but I switched Down Dog to the โ€œintermediateโ€ level, and it showed up. Couldnโ€™t hold it very long, but it felt so nice stretching the whole front of my body.

Events on today's bike ride: 

The nice thing is that I haven't passed a cyclist friend in a long time, either, so that was really pleasant.

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Events on today's bike ride: 

The first thing is not something I've ever done before (ever!), but dammit, I haven't been riding that much lately, I was finally having a good time riding, and it just slipped out.

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Events on today's bike ride: 

- a driver passed really close and honked, so I gave them the finger and yelled "fuck off!"
- saw my friend Heath and waved and said "hey!"

@jrss I used moa.party/ when I was cross posting. Then I decided I didnโ€™t like Twitter enough to bother, haha.

DNA results came back for Jean. Mostly , , and . The latter was my original breed of choice!

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