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Took a much needed epsom salt bath. My legs have been killing me ever since I did a very smol workout the other day. 🛀

Context: We ordered Qdoba at 6pm. They cancelled our order at 7:30pm. Chipotle _should_ be here in the next five minutes (9:30pm).

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With the miracle of the Internet and modern technology, we can get food delivered in as little as three hours!

I turned (admittedly silly) negative feelings into positive action today, and dang it I deserve a gold star. 🌟

Felt much more productive than just bitching about things and feeling bitter.

Nice bit is I'm still using my old Thunderbolt display which has a USB-C adapter. It's no retina display, but I hardly notice when I'm using it.

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My current computer is a 2015 MacBook Pro that I was hanging on to for the keyboard alone, but now that I picked up an iPad, that can be my personal portable machine.

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I've been eyeballing the new Mac Mini ever since it was announced, and now that I'm putting off getting a dynamo setup on my bike, it seemed like the perfect way to spend my stimulus check.

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My life is a never ending quest to find the most surreal and wholesome YouTube videos.

Animal Crossing is a game where you hoard things until your friends want the things, then you give it all away and feel happy. ☺️

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oh to be a black kitty cat swimming in the warm ocean with my best friends

Holy shit. This was unexpected and very welcome. I haven’t listened yet, but I’m psyched that the three amigos are back together.

Me: I’m freezing! Why?!

@corey: What’s the temperature in here? I’m kinda chilly too.

Me: … 74F. I’m turning it up to 75F.

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