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This disgruntled police officer unintentionally laid down exactly what would #DefundThePolice look like. A drastic reduction in mission scope down to the strictly necessary violence. Any other calls they mention could be handled by unarmed civil servants.


So, you still haven't donated, and you have the funds? Here is another list of organizations seeking donations.

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These hot days with afternoon thunderstorms are giving me life. β›ˆ

Took a much needed epsom salt bath. My legs have been killing me ever since I did a very smol workout the other day. πŸ›€

Context: We ordered Qdoba at 6pm. They cancelled our order at 7:30pm. Chipotle _should_ be here in the next five minutes (9:30pm).

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With the miracle of the Internet and modern technology, we can get food delivered in as little as three hours!

I turned (admittedly silly) negative feelings into positive action today, and dang it I deserve a gold star. 🌟

Felt much more productive than just bitching about things and feeling bitter.

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