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Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

With mid-range phones being so powerful and flagship phones nearing or exceeding $1000, how often should a new device be released by a phone manufacturer? I will run this poll on both #mastodon and #twitter. Boosts and retweets appreciated.

Y’all, I can finally get the vaccine starting the week after next. 😭

Pretty sure the puppy has a UTI. Vet appointment this afternoon. 😞

On that note, I’m about halfway through this book about trees and how they change our bodies and brains when we look at them, and it is pretty great. It’s called The Nature Fix, and I plan to write a little review on the blog when I’m done. 🌳 🌲 🌴

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I’ve been boosting the posts manually from this account to get them to appear, but I’ll stop doing that going forward since the follow thing is fixed. 😊

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Aw yiss. fixed the issue with following blogs, so you can now follow mine at @skepticaldruid! It’s mostly posts about nature, the change of seasons, and my science-based craft.

Some uplifting news.

Virginia Becomes the First Southern State to Abolish the Death Penalty - The Appeal

Oh hey, shows bios when you tap on β€œFavorites” now. That is super nifty! It’d be awesome if that also happened in the follow notifications. πŸ˜€


possibly troubled plant? 

Hey #gardening fedi, is this black spot or normal color variation? This is a Perfume Delight rose.

(The white flecks are a bit odd too, but they wipe off, so I'm not too worried about them.)

free food, vegetarian, united states 

krispy creme offers free doughnut every day for rest of 2021 for anyone with covid-19 vaccination card:

What’s an everyday item (besides toilet paper) you won’t skimp out on?

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