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on that note, my repaired shorts are on their way back home to me! thank you,

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leather repair 

i contacted the folks who made my wallet, which i bought seven(!) years ago for a repair. they said they could repair, but offered to send me a new one.

i would so much rather get the stitching repaired and keep this one out of the landfill. i so rarely buy leather, but when i do, i go in with the plan of never having to buy a brand new one.

shout out to for making long-lasting products. :)

related: just saw an e-bike ad that felt more like an automobile ad. 😊

absolutely love that they’re becoming more popular and the price is coming down. actually, i wonder if i shouldn’t start saving up for one. i’d love to limit my driving even more…

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pre-purchase inspection on a truck i’m thinking of buying is happening right now. 😱

i’m , which means i hardly ever drive (<10k miles/year), but i gotta be able to pull the trailer and move the dogs around since i’ve got ‘em. not to mention public transit here is a joke. i do miss my days in seattle where i didn’t need a car to get to the grocery store.

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Every six months or so for the past several years, I've been doing a thread on Fedi about where to buy ebooks other than Amazon. It finally occurred to me that I could write it once, put it up on website, and update as needed, rather than constantly reinventing the wheel.

So, here we are. (And in spite of the title, this isn't JUST about eBooks)

(Please share your own links in replies, I'll add them to the list as I have spoons.)

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Meedan, the non-profit where I work, is looking for a social media intern to help with comms. This is a paid position. Meedan is fully remote and has been for more than a decade.

This would be a great job for someone passionate about our mission, which you can read about here:

i took zero pictures of the bike camping trip because it was wet and cold the entire time. the hammock worked out great! underquilt and bug net are clutch.

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#metatext just got updated with a couple of bug fixes, namely the annoying emoji misplacement on iOS 15. I'm so grateful for the developer who picked this up after a year of no updates.

me, watching this movie: what the heck??? i’ve seen it, but it never gets less weird.

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on that note, it's probably time to rewatch the lighthouse. been a few months, and i'm home alone.

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not me, waxing poetic about the witch and the lighthouse and the northman and how i'd totally melt if i ever met robert eggers.

oh snap! also just got the notification that my shorts were fixed (a riveted button popped off a couple weeks ago, so i sent them in). three cheers for sustainable clothing! 🎉 🎉 🎉

and shoutout to swrve who makes amazing shorts suitable for both cycling and everyday wear.

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i don't typically wear super femme clothing, but it's really nice when i find stuff that fits this well.

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went to the thrift store to buy a dress for a wedding next weekend. walked out with four (each under $15) because i kept falling in love with them.

love me some used clothing! \o/

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