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:boosts_ok_gay: Advice Wanted! :boosts_ok_gay:

Let's say you wanted to start learning to get a job in web development. Knowing what you know now, what things would you suggest people learn in the first year?

I'm working on a bit of a guide and have huge blind spots to be filled.

finally wrote up my official hiatus from the writing group i’ve been a part of for years. ever since the drama of last year (two years ago?), it just hasn’t been the same magic. 😔

saw another radwagon in the back of a truck as i was riding mine today. 👀

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Seeking advice on how to reduce pain and anxiety around #LaserHairRemoval

I feel like every time I go in my reaction gets worse. I am applying the lidocaine they give me. I am taking ibuprofen beforehand. I make sure to take my anxiety medicine beforehand (Buspar, I think).

I cried afterwards for an hour today. I have never reacted like this before, this is my fifth treatment. I don't know what to do, because I can't stop, but I also don't know if I am strong enough to keep going like this

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the last work week before a vacation is awful. 😮‍💨

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Can anyone recommend a good single speed folding bike?

shoutout to eamon queeney who is a friend of mine and an *amazing* photographer.

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so… we got the photos back from our commitment ceremony. here are a couple of my favorites!

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next time somebody tells me they’re a libertarian, i’m gonna respond by telling them i’m a scorpio, and i don’t think our signs make a good match. 🦂

love me a good knife! cw: sharp object. keep away from children. 🔪

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it’s almost like i’m better at work when i can actually focus for whatever reason. flying through these tasks like it ain’t no thang.

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gardeners: do you feel guilty for using large amounts of water in your garden?
#gardening #plants @plants :boost_ok: 🌿💧

oh and i was transporting two camp chairs, which i don’t think i would have fit on my pedal bike rear rack.

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today i took a trip where i’d normally drive because of the hills/distance. made it so easy to bike there and back! ⚡️

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@autumn Autumn Triangle, Bicycle and Woman Enthusiast, seemed taken aback at first at the thought of a bicycle/woman hybrid.

jean grey did such a great job at class tonight. i’ve been keeping her on leash because her attention span is so short, but we did the last six-obstacle sequence off leash, and she nailed it! even came back to me at the end, which has been a struggle for her.

oh, and her weaves are getting really solid. i think we may be able to start working on some speed there. 🙌

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