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I went on a following spree today, and I've refreshed my profile, so it seems like a good time to redo my / .

I'm an early 30s cis woman (she/they) in . I'm and a (). I run a small instance for of called . By day, I am a .

Here are some things I like: , , , , , , , ,

I enjoy posting dog pics.

listening to somebody tell a contractor their contract isn’t getting renewed for the next project. 😬

tfw an app updates and adds way too many options instead of doing just one thing really well.

lookin at you, squash. πŸ˜’

my allergies are so bad i got tested for covid. test came back negative, which is good, but i haven’t experienced allergies since i was maybe 10 or 11 years old. 🀧

Remember the modem dial-up sound?

Here it is visualized.

i stopped looking at instagram stories a few weeks ago and i’m a lot less stressed out these days.

i’m addicted to terribly wholesome shows, and i just finished the second season of β€œtrying.”

now accepting new recommendations.

although the new season of ted lasso comes out soon, and i’m stoked about that. 😊

i got to ride my bike yesterday, and we saw some sunflowers, and it was glorious.

the new handlebar bag is *almost* perfect. just need some sticky felt to cut down on the rattling (but i expected that).

so, the solution is to go back to intel, but my old computer went to a new coworker, so i’m picking up a new one tomorrow.

boss even threw in some airpods pro (at a discount when bundled with the new macbook pro), which i’ve been eyeing for awhile.

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my dev environment is once again unworkable. πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

this is what i get for being on the bleeding edge of tech. (i’m on an m1 macbook running docker.)

i’m enjoying β€œtrying” a lot more than i expected. ☺️

some people have to fill silence, and boy it’s a lot to hear.

finally got to see my optometrist so i have contacts again! REJOICE!

oh snap. my bike bag is getting here a day early! TODAY.

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