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it's that time again!

i'm a mid-30s cis woman (she/they) in . i'm and a . i run a small instance for of called by day, i'm a developer.

here are some other things i like:

self-proclaimed emoji enthusiast. 🤩

“nobody wins; one side just loses more slowly.” -prezbo from the wire

side note: i hate the term “digital nomad,” and i can’t even explain why.

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at the outer banks for a few days. attempting a work from trailer setup, and so far so good. internet is a little slow here, but not too bad.

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Sure, pal; go ahead and park wherever — the lines are just for decoration.

Some people.

new retirement plan: move to the country and start my own alpaca farm (strictly wool).

trimmed all the dogs’ nails and now it’s super quiet in here without all the click clacks. 💅

most of these icons don’t make sense, since this is all work stuff. why a car for “home”?

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been using some time blocking apps and i think it’s actually helping? i tried three different ones, and i think structured is the one that’s gonna stick. one-time purchase and easiest to use/visualize.

not a huge fan of the icons but i can easily ignore those. wish they’d just use standard emojis.

i have to make dinner for myself tonight (usually my partner cooks, but he’s outta town), so i’m trying to think of the most minimal effort meal that i’ll actually enjoy. maybe eggs and toast?


my weight has been steadily creeping up again. need to cut back on drinking, up my exercise, and eat a lil less. 😅

gave in and finally ordered a lightweight towel for bike camping.

months that start on monday are my favorite, and i think it’s because it feels like a fresh start.

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My calendar’s broke, because it says it’s August and that’s impossible.

good morning from the beach. 🏖

been here since friday evening. it’s nice and flat and relaxed and everything’s salty and sandy.

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Lilies Only Thread. If you are a Lily, please respond to this thread. (Other spellings invited too! Non-Lilies can boost!)

Please answer any or all of the following!

-Did you choose to be named Lily?
-What do you think about being named Lily?
-Do you like lilies (the flower)?
-Do you think you could beat the other Lilies in a knock-down brawl?
-What about a series of duels?
-What's your favourite colour?
-Do you have any tattoos?
-What weapon are you bringing to the duel tournament?


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