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it's that time again!

i'm a mid-30s cis woman (she/they) in . i'm and a . i run a small instance for of called by day, i'm a developer.

here are some other things i like:

self-proclaimed emoji enthusiast. 🤩

playing around on tumblr again, and it makes me wish mastodon had a queue. love a slow trickle of things rather than my sporadic posting.

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me after making exactly one not-even-that-great candle: i think i want to start selling candles. 🕯️

ooblets spoilers 

@Rheall i’m on the arcade portion and i hate it. 😭 i’m so bad at the mini games!

peep show, lasagna, beer, and ice cream. this really is “the life.”

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off the grid
its image unsteady
in darkness lingering


455 2/6*


this has only happened nine times, according to my stats.

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I believe these three images are all insects in the Coreidae family. Leaf-footed nymphs and I'm not sure exactly what the two adults are. If there's any #entomology enthusiasts in the Fedi feel free to ID.

Not pictured are at least 5 spider webs large enough to catch me; I hear spiders enjoy a tasty Coreidae so they're in the right place.

So much action happens in the #garden when we're not out there pretending we're in charge of it 😆

alcohol mention 

life hack: start drinking beer so you don’t have to pick anybody up from the airport.

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Help me track down a thing I read...

It's a long article about someone incidentally discovering his wife is probably the best Tetris player in the world and they go on a road trip to some particular arcade that hosts world record attempts

Ringing any bells for anyone?

“them” is turning out to be really spooky. also lots of overt racism because it’s set in the mid-1900s.

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falling mist
on foot…
falling mist
in my hand

you can pry my iphone mini from my cold dead (small) hands.

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Looking for a good entry level mechanical #keyboard. I've never owned one before, and only used one a couple times. I don't typically play games though I do a lot of application development. Thanks!

#keyboards #mechanicalkeyboard #mechanicalkeyboards #boostswelcome

me, a casual cyclist and camper: i need the new apple watch ultra for my 3-mile commute and overnight car camping trips.

didn’t finish the bedroom, but i did wash the sheets and towels. i even put them back where they’re supposed to be! 😱

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